Our Guarantees

Accelerate Fitness Training understands the demands of our achieving their health and fitness goals, so as a result we can give you these guarantees:

  • If our personal trainers are more then three minutes late then the session is free
  • You will know what the aim of each personal training session is, and how it relates to your weight loss goals
  • We will ensure that you understand the significance of each exercise you are doing and the muscle groups you are targeting
  • If you follow all of our lifestyle principles you will progress towards your weight loss goals
  • We will continually improve our personal training service on a regular basis, to give you the most complete personal training service we can
  • If you are not satisfied in any way after our introductory personal training package, we will give you a complete refund for all of the sessions
  • We only use scientific principles, which are proven to burn fat and give the body an overall tone