Our Approach

Accelerate Fitness Training style of personal training is very different to other styles of personal training you may have experienced or have heard about. This page outlines the approach we take from getting you from where you are to where you want to be in terms of looking, feeling and functioning the way you deserve to!

Accelerate Fitness Training steps to success

  • Contact us: Book in for a complimentary session!
  • Prioritise your goals: We will help you breakdown and prioritise your goals into a short, medium and long term goal based on where you want to see the results the quickest. We will then discuss with you how you want to go about measuring your goals (e.g. jump on the scales to measure your weight or go on the bike to measure your cardio fitness)
  • Join us: Join Accelerate Fitness Training and receive an eating diary for you to take home and write down everything you have consumed over two week days and one day of the weekend
  • Have a freelance workout: Next we will take you through a freelance workout to give us insight into your overall fitness by testing your cardio fitness, core strength, flexibility and full body strength through carefully selected exercises
  • Have a fitness assessment: We will take you through a fitness assessment based on your goals, to measure exactly where you are in terms of health and fitness
  • Go through your eating diary: Bring in your eating diary so that we can go through what you are consuming and start to make help you improve your eating practices
  • Get a program: After the freelance workout we will know your strong areas and areas that might need some improvement. With this information we will be able to design your individualised exercise programs for you to use in the studio and at home.
  • Learn the program: Now that we have designed your program we will teach you how to perform each of the exercises and how we are going to monitor the intensity of your program
  • Get the support you need: now we start implement all the other support features on a regular basis such as feedback forms, recipes, stretching guides and anything else we can offer to help you stay on track to your weight loss goals
  • Keep it up: Now its time to dig your heels in and exercise as much as possible and continually improve your eating habits so that you get the best results. We will help adjust your program so that its always challenging and interesting and monitor your nutrition so that it is always aligned with your goals!
  • Review: now that it has been eight weeks its time to review your goals and do another fitness assessment and see how far you have come. We then discuss if you have any new goals, and then refine your medium and long term goals and start this exact process again!

If you have any questions about this process or would like to get started then please contact us!